We are now less than two weeks away from an event that has been a long time coming. Long time coming for several reasons: first, is that this event was originally planned to take place in December of 2015, but due to a great run by both Mansfield High School and Lake Ridge High School in the state football playoffs we moved the event out. Second, it's also been a long time coming due to the nature of the cause: helping orphans in our community.

Adoption is a topic very close to the heart of C4C and specifically my family. In 2009, a 3 year old little boy from North Carolina had just been turned into an agency by his mother. She had decided that she could no longer give him a safe place to live and support him in a way that she would have liked. Coincidentally, at that time, our family was prayerfully waiting for an opportunity to have an impact on the life of an orphan. At the time that we got the call, everything was wrong. Timing was bad (we were moving back to Texas literally the next day), Convenience was gone (he was 6 hours away and we had a lot to do before preparing for the move), Finances were going to be tough as we tried to sell a house in SC and buy a house in TX (this was 2009 remember). But we couldn't say no.

Almost 7 years to the day (Adam James Thompson joined our family on Feb 21, 2009) we get an opportunity to share that story and many others of families just like ours that been blessed by adoption.

I'm thankful for the folks at Covenant Kids that are joining us. These are folks that have a huge heart for the kids like Adam right here in DFW, whose whole purpose in their job is to support these kids and the families that have taken the step to welcome them home.

Please don't sit around your house on Saturday 27th, please don't choose to do yard work over having fun with us and please don't miss this opportunity to participate in an event that has great potential to change lives, maybe a young person's. . . maybe yours.

Follow the like under the "Tournaments" tab above and get your team registered today.

J. D. Thompson - Director: Caring for Community

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