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I Need to Apologize


It was made aware to me last night during a phone call with a good friend that I need to apologize to our local community. During the conversation, he told me that there was an opportunity available for his business to host an event at a really cool venue. The venue and their operating organization would even have the potential to put up some money to attract even more attendees! The only catch is that the operating organization would probably ask that portions of the registration fees be given to charity.


I listened through the awkward pause, waiting, hoping and excited about what a great opportunity for Caring for Community this would be. The opportunity didn’t come. In fact, I even mentioned that I know a great local charity. His response sunk in my heart. . .”Can you give me a contact for them?”


This is where I realized that I have failed as the director of C4C. While we are very proud of the last 5 years of being a local charity, of the people and organizations that we have been able to help, of the nearly $75,000 that we have been a part of giving away, it saddens me to know that even people that I consider close friends don’t know what we do and how we can help.


Yes, we have a reputation of being “The Cornhole Guys”, and frankly, I’m mostly ok with that. But we want to be “The Charity Guys”, “The Help local Folks Guys”, maybe even “The Fastest Way To Help Someone In Need Guys”


All that to say I’m sorry! I’m sorry that we haven’t done a better job of letting our neighbors, our friends and our community know who we are and what we can do.


Looking forward to a great 2018!!

J. D. Thompson

Director - Caring for Community

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