Help Hope Masion 19 May 2012

It's finally completed!! We have successfully "Helped Hope Mansion".

On what was a beautiful North Texas day, we had 33 teams particpate. We had a mountain of food. And more prizes than we had time to give away! And we couldn't be happier!

The tournament itself was a success, the fund raising efforts in general was a HUGE SUCCESS!  We cannot give enough thanks to those who gave. Many folks gave not only from their checkbooks but also with their time and for that we are greatful.

Over the course of the prime four hours of the tournament we sold 5 silent auction items bringing in just under $1000 (all donated gifts), and about 220 hamburgers and hotdogs, and two Boomsticks, had 30 people compete in the Ranger's Toss drawing and another 40 tries at the Long Toss competetion (where the winner actually gave his share of the pot back to the cause)

On Thursday May 31st, we were able to present to Angie Hammond, Executive Director of Hope Mansion and Keith Bobb-Semple (future host parent) in the amount of $10,180. Let me say that number again - $10,180!!!! To say they were very excited would be an understatement, as tears of gratitude welled up. 

One last statement of thanks to everyone involved in the efforts to make this a great day for both C4C and Hope Mansion. However, our desire is that this event not only bless Hope Mansion now but also in the future. It is a place with a great mission and many needs. We will be checking on them regularly and we hope you will too.

J. D. and Matt

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